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Cara Install Parallel Desktop 7 di Mac OS Lion (Edit Host File On Mac OS X Lion And Use Parallels Desktop 7 For Free)

Last time I posted an article about how to get Parallels Desktop 7′s activation key for free, unfortunately that solution didn’t last long and some of my readers keep asking for a new way to get this app work on their Mac for free. Here it is how:

Its not a new way of getting application (activation key-needed) works on Mac. Basically it just need you to edit your hosts file, but under OS X Lion it becomes slightly different from usual.
You can download Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac directly from here.
You better install it later after you done with the hosts file. Under OS X Lion you probably already noticed the hosts file is being locked and every time you try to rewrite it its just duplicate itself.
To get it start: Open Terminal from Applications/Utilities/Terminal
Enter: sudo nano /etc/hosts It’ll ask for admin password, type it in then press enter. Copy and add these addresses after the last line of your Hosts file: pdfm7.blist.parallels.com pdfm7.vl.parallels.com registration.parallels.com update.parallels.com
McKay — nano — 80×24
When you done just hit CTRL + X then it’ll ask you to save it, press 'y' and enter to save the change. You might also wanna reboot your mac or flush DNS cache.
dscacheutil -flushcache
==> By Noor Achmad Fitri
 Or You can Using Gask Mask Apllication for insert the host address pdfm7.blist.parallels.com pdfm7.vl.parallels.com registration.parallels.com update.parallels.com 
or you can using the Little snitch application for best solution other :)
Now lets install PD 7 for Mac, when it ask for serial code, use this one:  


Enjoy and please let me know if it works for you.

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