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JUAL WIDE FORMAT REFILL CARTRIDGE PLOTTER EPSON Stylus Pro 7800/9800 transparent refill cartridge (Katrid Isi Ulang)

Description / Specification of Epson Stylus Pro 7800 / 9800 Refill Ink Cartridge
Following are the Main Features of Epson Stylus Pro 7800 / 9800 Refill Ink Cartridge :
1. 350ML Transparent refillable ink cartridge with resettable chip
2. Can refill for many times, save printing cost a lot.
3. For use with: Epson Stylus 7800/9800
4. Character : OEM service, have special chip resetter, stable quality, low price.
EX-Works price,decent price. Epson Stylus PRO 7800/9800 Transparent refillable ink cartridges are released after long time test and quality control. 

Sample Availability:Yes
Supplier Product Code:7800/9800
Catrid No : T5631, T5632, T5633, T5634, T5635, T5636, T5637, T5638, T5639 (9 colors)Color : (9 colors) C,VM,Y,PB,MBK,LC,VLM,LB,LLB
Competitive Advantages of the product

1. Import equipment, and use quality imported PP material,
2. Environmentally friendly: Go through HSF test, safe and no pollution to the environment
3. Low cost : Transparent refillable ink cartridges,could be used repeatedly, And have special pigment or dye inks,save printing cost a lot then to use original ink cartirdge.
4. Convenience : Have special funnel,and the air will go out when it is refilling ink.
5. Supply ability : 50000sets/week
6. Ink type : pigment, sublimatioin, dye ink etc

Delivery Lead Times:1-3 Days after payment
Payment Terms:T/T
Min Quantity:1 set (9 catridge)
Quality Process Certifications:IPQC,QC,QA

Price : CALL US

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